Marcel Kapfer

Hi! I am an aspiring photographer, still in the early beginnings of this fine art.

For me, taking pictures is more than just pressing a button on some camera. It is more than just capturing a beautiful sunset or taking a snapshot a some some gathering. It is a conscious act of capturing a scenery in a way that motivates and moves people. As all other creative disciplines, photography is an expression of emotions and I try to deliver these to you, the viewer, through my images.

Check Out My Work

I guess you are visiting this site since you somehow found out that I do photography. Obviously, you are interested in seeing some images that I took. Well, look no further than in one of the following portfolios. I’m currently most interested in street photography as well as close-up nature photography and decided to dedicate an own page to each area.

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Do you like what you see? Then check out my social media profiles for more pictures and follow to see new work as it comes out.

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You have further questions or want to get in touch with me to talk about a project? Feel free to always reach out to me! I’m really looking forward to reading your message.